Barcodery Help


Barcodery is cloud inventory/asset management system which allows track items across several locations. Barcodery consists of web application and also android application. Unfortunately there is no ios application yet.

In Barcodery you can print QR codes, label your items and scan it with android application.

Getting Started


In Barcodery there are important three things: items, location and in/out entries

Each item can have custom field defined.

Items are placed into location by adding In or OUT entry.

In/Out entries
In or Out entry is connection between item and location. By adding In or Out entry you place item into location or take item out of location. By adding In entry you put item into location. With Out entry you take item out of location. Move between locations is done automatically by adding In entry and then Out entry for particular location.


Requests are used as some kind of item orders. You can request item to be in a specific location. Request helps you to manage these requirements. You can request item tool to be in a location worker_room1. The initial state of request is active. It means that tool was not moved inot worker_room1. When you move tool into worker_room1 (by adding In entry or move) request state becomes covered. It means request is fulfilled.

You can create request using this location:!/requests. Each request groups multiple request items. Add request item by clicking on request and then by clicking on Add request item. You can also force request into covered state. This means that you change request state despite the fact there was no in entry for the requested item and is not in the requested location.


Audits are used when you want to physically check if items are in location where they should be. For example Barcodery says you have 15 items in location garage. And now you want to check if it's still true. If none of the item is lost or missing. So you create audit for location garage. Barcodery then creates list of items which should be in garage. Then you can go to the garage and scan items, set valid counts and in the end you see what is missing or if you have anything that shouldn't be in garage. You can close audit. It means you finished audit and items counts in audit could not be changed. Please note you can create audit for location or for category.


You put items into location. Location can be created, renamed and deleted. Please note that only empty location can be deleted.


Each item can have assigned multiple categories. Category can be created, renamed and deleted. Please note that only empty Category can be deleted.


Each item can have assigned multiple tags. Tag can be created, renamed and deleted. Please note that only empty Tag can be deleted. Tags are very similar to categories. Technically they are implemented same way. If you do not have usage for tags you do not need to use them.


Each item can have assigned multiple states. State can be created, renamed and deleted. Please note that only empty State can be deleted. Unlike categories and tags each state have a color which can be also defined. States can be used to indicate if item is broken (red color) or working (green color) or...


In this section you learn how to set up Barcodery to your needs.

Item's fields

Each item can have custom fields. To define item fields please follow this location:!/fieldnames. Currently there are supported these field types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date Time
  • Barcode/QR code
  • In android app you can scan barcodes/QR codes only for this field
  • NFC
  • In android app you can scan NFC code only for this field
  • GPS
  • In android app you can get position of android device only for this field
  • Images
  • Your item can contain images. To allow images please add this field type
  • Item minimum alert count
  • By defining this field you are setting up an alert for item count. If item count becomes less than specified you will get email with an alert. Also in web application there will be alert in dashboard. Also items in items grid have red color when active this alert.

Each field can have two attributes:

  • Is Identifier
  • fields with this attribute are shown first in the android app. Also these fields are visible in audits and requests.
  • Is Unique
  • When set up you will not be able to add two items with same value in this field.


On this location:!/my_account you can check your account, set up your preferred date time format. You can also buy upgrade for your account from here.


Barcodery support multiple users per account. To add users to your account please follow this location!/admin_users. You can also edit users and change password from here. Each user belongs to the user group. For each user group can be set up permissions.

User Groups

Users belong to user group. Permission can be set up for the user group.


Each user group has permission. On this location you can set several permission for user group!/admin_permissions.